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"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.
Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!"

Benjamin Franklin

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Wait! If you are a "small office home office" (SOHO) business then please call us at 1-800-925-9025 to discuss brand new options available to you for much less than the solutions described below using our UPA-2020 & UPA-2015 2-line adapters!

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Solutions for phone systems that have a music-on-hold (MOH) port.
Also known as a BGM (background music) port.

What is I.O.S.' BRAND NEW #1 Rated MOH Solution?
THE SUPERB "USB-2020" Digital Announcer

The LIST PRICE on the USB-2020 is $349
(... but our current special allows you to buy for as little as $139!)

(Standard Sampling Rate = 128kbps/up to 320kbps.)

The USB-2020 DVA has earned our #1 recommendation in head-on competition with all other lines of digital voice announcers. As a custom audio production house our primary concern is producing your on-hold message to the highest standards possible at the most affordable prices. Even if there were fiber optics to your desk top you would not need a higher audio quality or more flexible unit than the new USB-2020!  Unless, of course, you require networking to dozens (or even hundreds) of locations from a central administration facility and then our recommendation would be the ELE-2025i, which we currently have working in approximately 225 locations for our largest client.

NEW Flash Drive storage determines overall capacity.

  • Instantly Access up to 99 different messages
  • Upgrade flash drive technology "at will" anytime!
  • Multiple use device for MOH & in-store broadcasting.
  • I.O.S. will convert your existing MOH program onto your
    brand new USB-2020 (or ELE-2015) for only $24.95.

    DP100 info

    These units list for $349 with I.O.S.’s “generic” 4-hour medley package
    pre=loaded but we are selling them for a limited time in three options:

    USB-2020 Capacity & Pricing Matrix
    (@ 128kbps Sampling Rate)

    Pkg. Flash Drive Size Capacity @ 128kbps Generic Medleys Cost
    A. No flash drive ZERO NONE  $139
    B. 128 MB 2 Hours NONE $149
    C. 256 MB 4 Hours 4-Hours $159

    Buy Here...

    Visit our Bargain Basement for our complete Music-On-Hold packages.

    The USB-2020 (from the back input panel)

    NOTE: The ELE-2020 has been manufacturer discontinued and no longer available.

    * * * * *

    Comparison of OHP-5000 vs. our previous #1 the ELE-2020

    Comparison Matrix OHP-5000 ELE-2020-128MB
    Equipped Memory 8-minutes 128-minutes
    Sampling Rate(s) 128-kbps 128-kbps
    Maximum Capacity 32-minutes Over 250 Hours
    Cost to expand to 32-Minutes $177 $0.00
    Instant Track Selection No Yes
    Licensed Music Provided Yes Yes
    Choice of Music Provided No Yes
    Program Storage Medium CD Compact Flash
    Warranty 3-Years 3-Years
    www Prices $249 - $500 $139!

    Comparrison Matrix of the
    #1 ELE-2020 vs. #2 ELE-2015 vs. #3 OHP-7000

    Comparison Matrix ELE-2020-128MB ELE-2015 (#2) OHP-7000 (#3)
    Sampling Rate Used 128-kbps 128-kbps 32-kbps
    Equipped Memory 128 MB 128 MB 128 MB
    Equipped Capacity 128-minutes sampled
    @ 128kps
    4 Hours sampled
    @ 64 kbps
    8 Hours sampled
    @ 32 kbps
    Maximum Capacity Over 250 Hours 4 Hours Over 9 Hours
    Instant Track Selection Yes No Yes
    Licensed Music Provided Yes Yes Yes
    Choice of Music Provided Yes Yes Yes
    Memory Type NON-Volatile
    Program Storage Medium 128 MB Compact Flash Card 128 MB Flash Memory 128 MB Flash Memory
    Program Transfer Medium Optional Flash Card
    USB Port to PC CD-Loader or
    USB Port
    # of Tracks Up to 99 one one
    Warranty 3-Years 3-Years 3-Years
    Price $129+ $89+ ~ $269

    * * * * *

    Many new capabilities (beyond "music/information-on-hold") are now available through this technology. For example; Do you have an office waiting room or other facility where you're currently paying annual licensing fees to pipe music into? Do you have a demo room where instant access to professionally recorded information could assist your sales team with their sales? Remember: This unit can have up to 99 tracks of info, accessed instantly OR provide many hours of continuous programming based upon the flash drive capacity! (i.e. ~ 500 hours! of programming can be accommodated with a 32GB flash drive.)

    Click the following link to view our
    "Generic On-Hold Medley descriptions" page.

    * * * * *

    NEW ELE-2015 (shown here)

    ELE-2015 Capacity & Pricing Matrix
    (Capacity doubles at 64kbps sampling rate)
    Pkg. Flash Memory Capacity @ 128kbps
    Sampling Rate
    Length of MOH
    Generic Program
    A. 128 MB 128-min. 4-minutes $89
    B. 128 MB 128-min. 16-minutes $94
    C. 128 MB 128-min. 32-minutes $99
    D. 128 MB 128-min. 64-minutes $104
    E. 128 MB 128-min. 2-HOURS! $109
    F. 128 MB (64kbps) 3-HOURS! $119

    * * * * *

    Click below if you would like us to convert your
    existing MOH program to the USB-2020 or ELE-2015 format.

    * * * * *

    New OHP-7000 (Card NOT INCLUDED)

    (Our #3 choice AFTER the ELE-2015)

    Manufacturer's LIST PRICE = $400
    Manufacturer's Introductory Price = $400
    Call for I.O.S.' lowest price.

    It will be too good to be true! Click HERE and then call to compare!


    Equipped with 128MB of "on-board" flash memory.
    Pre-loaded with 3 hours of "generic" music & messages.
    (Sampled at 32kbps.)

    Handles CDs (audio or MP3), SD Memory Card, wma, etc.
    Think of the OHP-5000 + the 6000 in one unit.

    Includes Message Studio "Script Writing Software"
    plus a "Generic Production" (i.e. NOT FULLY CUSTOMIZED)
    This is identical to the manufacturer's package but for over $100 less!

      * * * * *

      NOW, farther and farther back in MOH history you go
      as you travel down this page.

    * * * * *


    (Our #4 choice AFTER the USB-2020, ELE-2015 & OHP-7000)

    Manufacturer's LIST PRICE = $300
    Manufacturer's Introductory Price = $300
    Call for I.O.S.' lowest price.

    It will be too good to be true!
    Click HERE and then call to compare!


    Equipped with 64MB of "on-board" memory.

    Comes equipped with 56-minutes of LICENSED music

    Includes Message Studio "Script Writing Software"

      * * * * *


      PC MAGAZINE favors the compact flash card, which the ELE-2020 uses, over the Smart Media format and provides their reasoning within their article "Flash Memory: Pick a Card". Here’s what they have to say about these two competing formats:

      SmartMedia (SM): “The first standards-based memory cards to appear, SmartMedia units are about as thick as playing cards. But the deck is stacked against the SmartMedia card, because it has the biggest footprint (about 2.7 square inches, compared with Secure Digital's 1.2 square inches), and its flexibility makes it vulnerable to damage. SmartMedia's design limits it to 128MB. Fuji and Olympus used to be the biggest backers of SmartMedia, but now they are making the transition to their own format called xD-Picture Card. Expect to see few if any new devices using SmartMedia.”

      CompactFlash (CF): “CF is the aging but far-from-dead flash memory champion. More devices currently use CF than any other media type. Its future likely lies in professional digital cameras that need massive capacity—4GB CF cards are becoming available—and whose users don't mind the size of CF cards (roughly half of a PC Card). Makers of consumer and advanced amateur cameras—led by Kodak—are moving to smaller SD cards, but pros will stick with CF. Most CF cards are Type II, which are as thick as PC Cards. CompactFlash card dimensions: 1.4 by 1.7 by 0.2 inches. Current maximum capacity: 4GB. Projected capacity by 4Q 2004: 8GB to 16GB.”

      OHP-5000 "CD-Loader" Announcer


      Ask us about the BRAND NEW OHP-7000!



      (Unit uses 128-kbps sampling rate.)

      • Field upgradeable to 32-minutes.
      • Includes "Script Writing Software"
      • Double capacity (fr: 8-16 minutes) for $50
      • Built-in CD-loader wi/multiple track capability
      • KSU-less adaptor is available (see the OHP-5500)

        OHP-4000 Digital Announcer



        See the #1 ELE-2020, #2 OHP-7000 & #3 OHP-6000

        * * * * *

        Take a quick tour to our Bargain Basement for economical production packages.

        * * * * *


        Start Here!

        I.O.S. "Best In Class" products.
        (in the "Non-System" category)
        (i.e. 2 to 4-line phones.)

        OHP-7500 & OHP-6500 DVAs

        #1 Choice = OHP-6500
        #2 Choice = OHP-7500
        #3 Choice = OHP-5500

        The OHP-4500 & 5500 are DISCONTINUED products


        4500/5500 info Click HERE for more 6500/7500/5500 info.

        Manufacturer's OHP-5500 List PRICE = $530
        Manufacturer DISCONTINUED

        (Thinking about buying a used 4-year old OHP-5500?
        Compare it to the OHP-6500 & new OHP-7500 first!)

        (Uses 128kbps sampling rate.)

        • Field upgradeable to 32-minutes
        • Includes "Script Writing Software"
        • Rear view with "KSU-less" adapter.
        • Double capacity to 16-minutes for $50
        • (2)TEHMA's included with each 4500/5500

          OHP Capacity Options

          (8, 16, 24, or 32-minutes)

          Desk or wall mountable

          8-Minute Memory Expansion Chips
          for the 4000/4500 or 5000/5500

          $59 for ea. 8-min expansion chip


      MORE Expensive & LESS Capable!
      i.e. OBSOLETE!

      "proMOH" 4 or 8-minute Digital Announcers

      (List Prices $370 & $490 respectively)

      With Internal Cassette
      (That auto-loads into memory and
      uses a 64kbps sampling rate.)


      The proMOH (L & R side) Controls


      Other APPLICATIONS Available from I.O.S.
      (From Nel-Tech Labs)

      SoundBrick 500 Series

      1. In-Store Point-of-Purchase
      ("POP Displays")

      2. Or For Your Trade-Show Kiosks
      (trigger switch activated)
      3. Standard Music/Message On-Hold
      (with a night greeting option for after hours)

      Tel-A-Greeter 200 Series

      1. Real Estate Listings
      (up to 8 unique messages)
      (with auto-attendant-like front-end)

      2. Used Car or Mobile Home Dealers
      (messages always start from the beginning)

      TELink Series

      1. "In-Store" Broadcasting

      (wi/complex scheduling capabilities)
      2. Offices with Multiple Locations
      (up to 16 messages/built-in fader & timer)

      3. Remote Downloads Provided by I.O.S.
      (you approve the program and we do the rest)

      Ask us about the new DP-600 Hold-n-Tell!

      If you have an application that isn't listed call us
      so we may help you identify your options.