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Digital Announcers

"The scarcest and yet most essential resource . . . is strategic judgment."

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How's your production played back over our phone system?

There are three primary playback devices that will connect to the on-hold port of your phone system. An endless-loop cassette deck, a CD player, or a digital announcer; WE STRONGLY SUGGEST that you purchase a new digital announcer for the optimal long-term solution. For a small one-time investment you'll have a system that is specifically designed for this purpose and won't revert back to "silence-on-hold" after a power failure or surge. The DVA (digital voice announcer) will produce the highest quality results for many years to come. Call us at: 1-800-925-9025 if you are looking for the best value on equipment or to discuss a unit that you are considering vs. our #1, #2 and #3 rated products.

As an I.O.S. customer you will be able to choose your announcer from the best manufacturers in the industry. We will match your application to the best equipment and not try to "shoe-horn" you into a solution just because it's the only vendor we carry (like many telcos). The reliability of this equipment is very high since the only moving parts (if any!) are used during the upload process and then sit idle until the message needs to be changed. All new units are backed with a standard 3-Year Warranty at no additional charge. Any used units sold by I.O.S. will be backed by our 1-year warranty unless otherwise specified in writing.

Need a quick solution? Give I.O.S. a call and we can have you up and running within 72 hours!

Within this technology lay solutions to an impressive array of audio playback applications (with or without spoken messages); Some examples include; audio programs for ACDs (automatic call distributors), IVRs (interactive voice response systems), office waiting rooms, lobbies or in-store broadcasts; music / information-on-hold, trade-show kiosks (with button or motion/sensor activation) for "talking demos" in showrooms or on museum exhibits. Basically, any information that needs to be repeated to the public reliably can be handled economically and with superb quality, using this ever-evolving technology. Some of your applications may require very long programs or a simple “push button” track selection capability that can be performed in a split-second to advance to other topics.

Please Note: There are constant changes in hardware development and your I.O.S. representative will you help determine the optimal solution for your specific application. For example; did you know that 1, 2 and 4-line phones can now be equipped to sound like a Fortune-50 company? Ask us about the BRAND NEW Universal MOH Phone Adapter and ELE-2015 Package. Don't let your company’s perceived size get in the way of your success.

Our discounted pricing on the hardware starts from as low as $149 (for our brand new #1 rated USB-2020, which lists for $349!) when purchased with any of our MOH productions, or $89 for the superb ELE-2015.  I.O.S.' core competency is with "Audio Productions for Business"Let our experts help you select the most appropriate equipment for your specific application. Think you've found a better deal? Give us a call and we'll do our best to beat it! One thing is certain, we're not here to sell you more than makes sense for YOUR business!

I.O.S. can arrange for a "turnkey" installation but recommend against it in most cases since the digital announcer is so easy to install. We'd rather walk you through this simple process and let you save that $75-$150 (depending on your region and other work being performed). This tip alone just helped you pay for your upgraded announcer or one of our custom productions!

Call us toll-free at 1-800-925-9025.

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