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Voice-Actor & Music CD Sampler (Volume III)

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You’ve been so busy running your business that you’ve never focused on all of the audio that takes place there. That’s okay… most other companies have made the same omission and why your company will stand “heads and shoulders” above your competition when our expert team corrects the problem. Our CD is only the start since it will allow you to gather many insights into the audio enhancement opportunities that can positively impact your company’s image AND bottom line. Perhaps it will be as easy as adding a stellar voice to your music on hold, automated attendant or interactive voice response (IVR) system. Or, you may be in need a second language to better serve your diverse community.

For the last five years we’ve had the privilege of working with some of the finest voice talent in the industry. Our team has been selected from literally hundreds of voice-over professionals who will provide you with top quality performances that your entire company will be proud of. Our EIGHTEEN-MEMBER TEAM consists of nine men and nine women, each of whom has a unique 4-minute medley of songs dedicated to their presentation style. Perhaps you’d like your message to sound like it came from Walter Cronkite... or a recognizable HBO announcer. Perhaps you’d prefer to have your voice sound like ER's "Dr. Corday" or present a funny image from the many characters that are portrayed. As solid as this CD is and the 72 songs represented, it comprises less than 1% of our LICENSED music library. It will become a valuable tool to hone in on your audio productions, whether they are from I.O.S. or not.

So, why spend hours of valuable work time searching the web and downloading endless files just hoping to find the perfect voice and music for your upcoming production. Or worse yet, why delegate this important task (and judgment)? Perhaps you've decided to forgo that aggravation and hire the services of an expensive Ad Agency... why? Now, for only $16.95 you can save valuable time, money and hassle while turning this chore into an enjoyable exercise. Listen to this entertaining CD at YOUR convenience... during the daily commute, or while waiting for a flight... (You know you’ll be waiting for a flight and will be glad to have it along as a distraction from your hectic schedule.) Your company can sound AT LEAST AS GOOD as a Fortune 100 company without it costing you an “arm and a leg”! "Making every minute count." is more than a slogan to us... it's what we do for a living! We know that YOUR involvement with these two production decisions will provide results that you expect while simultaneously protecting the company with only LICENSED music!

We can also provide audio content for radio, TV, websites, training tapes, audio books, “in-house” announcements, or the perfect voice(s) for your PowerPoint slide or interactive DVD presentation. When you're ready to focus on the audio applications within your business... I.O.S. will be there to assist you. You’ll have to look long and hard to come even close to the quality AND economy of our specialized services. So, take advantage of this offer and stop wasting valuable time window-shopping!

Note: If you'd like to get started right away then take 2-minutes to fill out our I.O.S. Survey... then buy this CD and get a $20 credit towards your MOH production when purchased within 90-days! Get a jump start by calling us toll-free at: 1-800-925-9025 and we'll help you determine the best package for your unique application.

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IOS Voice-Over Artist & Music Sampler
for only $16.95 (plus shipping!)

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