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More Facts About the NEW #1 Rated USB-2020 & our #2 Rated ELE-2015!

"Everything that can be invented HAS been invented!"

Charles H. Duell, Commissioner, U.S. Office of Patents, 1899

* * * * *

Our Choices for "BEST VALUE" & "BEST IN CLASS"

We’ve now had five generations of experience with digital voice announcers (DVAs) and are pleased to provide such superb products as the brand new USB-2020 and the relatively new ELE-2015 at the best prices possible. We have just completed updating our website to reflect this NEW #1 product in the music-on-hold market. These unit also provide low-cost options as a playback devices through your existing paging system for "in-store broadcasting" applications. So, if you're paying monthly (or annual) licensing fees for this application then you are spending thousands upon thousands of dollars that you don't need to waste!  (One of our clients uses us to perform this function for them at over 200 of their locations.)

Whenever you see our previous #1 unit, the ELE-2020, please recognize that this is now obsolete and manufacturer discontinued equipment. They will still perform beautifully for many years to come but recognize that used deals on these may not be as good an idea as investing in a new unit with a brand new 3-year warranty.  Still, our "hat is off" to the ELE-2020 for holding our number position in the rankings for nearly 4-years!

The good news is that the USB-2020 is not only an enhanced version of that proven technology but it is just as affordable! The USB-2020 has all of the functionality of the ELE-2020.. functions such as; a 99 track capability, 2-digit LCD counter, an ALL Track function, a massive storage capacity and NO MOVING PARTS to break, non-volatile memory (that will not be lost during power outages as with many older generation products), PLUS the USB-2020 utilizes flash drive technology instead of compact flash cards. This makes it even more convenient for you to change programs and download them straight from your PC.  It can also provide up to 500 hours of programming when a 32GB (gigabyte) flash drive is purchased! (FAR MORE than ANY other device in the marketplace as of this writing on 12/14/09!)  So, even though the warranty is only three years long you should expect many more trouble-free years of service from both the USB-2020 and the ELE-2015!  Not bad for ecologically friendly products that provide the overall best value in the marketplace.

The USB-2020 list for $349 with I.O.S.’s “generic” 4-hour medley package loaded but we are selling them for a limited time in three options:

USB-2020 Capacity & Pricing Matrix
(The sampling rate we use is 128kbps/The max rate on the USB-2020 is 320kbps)

Pkg. Flash Drive Size Capacity @ 128kbps Generic Medleys Cost
A. No flash drive ZERO NONE  $139
B. 128 MB 2 Hours NONE $149
C. 256 MB 4 Hours 4-Hours $159

Buy Here...

Or, go to our Bargain Basement for our complete MOH packages.

The USB-2020 DVA has earned our #1 recommendation in head-on competition with all other lines of digital voice announcers. As a custom audio production house our primary concern is producing your on-hold message to the highest standards possible at the most affordable prices. Even if there were fiber optics to your desk top you would not need a higher audio quality or more flexible unit than the new USB-2020!  Unless, of course, you require networking to dozens (or even hundreds) of locations from a central administration facility and then our recommendation would be the ELE-2025i, which we currently have working in approximately 225 locations for our largest client.


The USB-2020 (from the back input panel)

See our Bargain Basement for starter MOH
programs or call us to discuss your requirments.

As a special bonus all new buyers will also receive our "I.O.S. V3 CD Sampler", which has 72-songs and 18 different voice-over professionals (9 men and 9 women) to make your future audio programming choices for MOH, automated attendant, IVR, radio, www, etc., easy and enjoyable.

Click the following link to view our
"Generic On-Hold Medley descriptions" page.

* * * * *

NEW ELE-2015 (shown here)

ELE-2015 Capacity & Pricing Matrix
(Capacity doubles at 64kbps sampling rate)
Pkg. Flash Memory Capacity @ 128kbps
Sampling Rate
Length of MOH
Generic Program
A. 128 MB 128-min. 4-minutes $89
B. 128 MB 128-min. 16-minutes $94
C. 128 MB 128-min. 32-minutes $99
D. 128 MB 128-min. 64-minutes $104
E. 128 MB 128-min. 2-HOURS! $109
F. 128 MB (64kbps) 3-HOURS! $119

* * * * *

Click below if you would like us to convert your
existing MOH program to the ELE-2020 or ELE-2015 format.

* * * * *

PS: Small to medium size businesses with 1, 2, 3 or 4-line phones (with a hold button) from Office Max, Radio Shack (or similar venues) can now sound like a Fortune-500 company as well thanks to recent leaps in this technology. HOWEVER, THIS PRODUCT IS NOT FOR YOU. Please see our MOH Solutions for 1, 2 and 4-1ine telephones for small or home offices, non-KSU (KSU-less) solutions and installations. (i.e. SOHO)

Don't forget to ask your I.O.S. rep about our custom production services. We can be reached toll-free within North America at 1-800-925-9025 or from elsewhere in the world at 802-423-8220. Please visit our Executive Overview page if you are interested in learning more. Thank you for visiting with us!