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Executive Overview

"Learning is not compulsory... neither is survival."
Dr. W. Edwards Deming
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If I had but one wish...

May we each create a path towards peace and planetary sustainability and exercise our God-given intelligence to evolve our culture into a non-violent and compassionate one; so that all the earth's children, both human and non-humans, can live and survive with one another symbiotically.  We must not allow ourselves to be blinded by falsified reporting and must, instead, take whatever initiatives are needed to protect the planet as a living holistic organism.  This is our only home, whatever we do to it, whether out of ignorance or greed, we do to ourselves and to our posterity.  Just how many species need to go extinct before we, who are supposedly intelligent, understand that we, are not immune to our own devastation.

Pat Alaggio / January 5th, 2011 / Founder of I.O.S.

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If you'd like to read some of our founders perspectives then you may do so by following the links below.
"Please Leave Your Politics at the Door"
"Greed, Privatization and the Moral Decay and Decline of America"
"Congratulations; on a wing and a prayer"
"Letter To A Friend"
"A Matter of Conscience"
"One Patriot's View"
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Have you ever tried calling your office and asked to be placed on hold? Perhaps you don't feel that calls should ever be put on hold... GOOD, neither do we! But the reality is that it's necessary from time to time for any number of reasons, such as; data-look-up time, personnel shortages caused by vacations, sick days or your busiest hours. Perhaps the person your customer is calling is on another line and he insists on waiting. Do you really want to annoy your callers by placing them on hold into "dead silence" or, worse yet, those horrific redundant beeps tones that are generated by many phone systems? Those are two very good ways to show your callers just how unimportant they are to you. This is not a place to skimp on customer service. We provide outstanding audio programs for a small fraction of what you would expect to pay for such important time with your clients and prospects. This is valuable time and we can help your business prosper while keeping your callers calmer, better informed and more receptive to buying your products and services. 

(MOH = messages/music on hold)

... take your time to sample our "audio demo's" and hear what
your prospects have been hearing from many of your competitors.

PS: Don't just take our word on the importance and value of these CRM (customer relation management) tools, read what an independent consultancy had to say about it in their article located at: Related Article. PLEASE NOTE: That article was written in June of 2001, take note of the exceptionally HIGH price estimates on equipment and outmoded 3-year lease purchases, which can be a trap for the unwary consumer. FAR SUPERIOR equipment is now available for only $89 a far cry from the $500 plus range for inferior quality and equipment! Here are the three paragraphs from that article that are most important for any company considering this technology. (There is other good info as well so you should check out the article... but then go visit our FAQs page for updated information.)

If you're new to I.O.S. then you can begin by completing our 2-minute "I.O.S. Survey"


... visit our "Bargain Basement" to view our current specials
and learn how we can do 90% of this work for you!

... learn how a custom on-hold program can pay for itself
many times over by viewing the following: MOH Statistics

Call us at 1-800-925-9025 when YOU'RE ready to sound like a million bucks!

Bring a friend and earn 2 FREE MINUTES any production package purchased!

I.O.S. GIFT CERTIFICATES are available starting at only $50.
(For use with any I.O.S. product or service.)

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Have a small business or home office WITHOUT a phone "system"?
Then ask us about our new 2-line "Universal MOH Phone Adapter."

2-Line Universal MOH Phone Adapter
(The telephone IS NOT included.)
Fast & Easy Set-Up!


SOHO = Small Office Home Office

* * * * *

The brief Executive Overview that follows describes just one of the "audio production services" that I.O.S. offers directly to our business and TELCO clients. We offer (18) superb voice-over professionals, hundreds of hours of LICENSED music and multi-lingual capabilities for all of your audio production needs such as; automated attendant & Interactive Voice Response (IVR) prompts, Music/Message-On-Hold (MOH) productions, background music/voice-overs for paging in-store or office broadcasts, radio ads & TV spots, website audio, customized audio for your tapes/CDs, talking books, PowerPoint and/or DVD presentations, hardware systems prompts... even computer game voices! When you're looking for top quality audio, professionally produced, straight or with hilarious effect, then give us a call us and discover how much you can save. Have fun figuring out which of our many characters will make your customers sit up and take notice of YOUR company. Call us toll-free at: 1-800-925-9025 to discuss your specific requirements.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Still making your callers wait for you in silence?

For less than the cost of many executive phones you can fix one of the weakest links in your communications chain, namely, "silence on-hold". Our customized audio solutions can be tailored to meet your budget. It's time to take advantage of one of the most under-utilized areas of real estate in your business. . . the time your callers spend waiting to be served. Now, with recent technology breakthroughs, even "small office home office" (SOHO) businesses can sound like a fortune 100 company for less than one executive phone with our brand new UPA-2020 & UPA-2015 adapters!

What do your callers hear when they are placed on-hold at your place of business? Most provide either silence, a radio broadcast, or CDs and cassettes with canned messages. Those methods are not proactive and can actually be illegal unless you've acquired expensive ANNUAL licensing from Performing Rights Societies such as; ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and in Canada, SOCAN. I.O.S. can solve this dilemma for you with our CUSTOMIZED production WITHOUT ANY ANNUAL FEES!

"Silence" will make your callers impatient the fastest and, if the call is on-hold for more than thirty seconds, make them think they've been forgotten or disconnected... feeding a cycle of customer dissatifaction and frustrated employees. The radio can also be annoying as stations drift in and out or as obnoxious commercials are imposed upon your callers. Just hooking up the radio as your MOH source is also ILLEGAL since it's considered a "public performance" and is therefore continual theft of intellectual property unless proper licensing rights have been acquired. Ask your TELCO if they are willing to pay your substantial fines when they suggest this solution... then get that promise in writing!

Why not take a moment to sample our "audio demo's" and hear what your prospects have been missing. Then ask yourself how much one lost sale can cost when one of your disgruntled callers heads off to buy from a competitor. If you would like to gain an even broader range of ideas then speak with our representative or order our "Volume III CD Sampler". This sampler provides ideas on how to turn lost "dead air time" into productive and profitable real estate. You'll find the process to be not only painless, but even fun as you scan the various tracks (at your leisure) for the exact voice and music you'd like to use in the upcoming program.

Remote access "networked solutions" now available through our ELE-2025i !

Our DELUXE "On-Hold" Production Services include:

1) Your choice of a female, a male, or both voice-over professionals from our extensive talent pool. Visit our Voice-Over Actor's page to more fully appreciate their capabilities and to view their partial client list. (Multi-lingual productions are also available.)

2) Our professional assistance writing (or translating) your script that will be 100% specific to your business. The aim here is to help you develop your sales and service efforts simultaneously and not simply fill "silence on-hold" with canned messages that do not positively impact sales & service revenues.

3) Your choice of music from our extensive library (with multiple music tracks blended together to keep your production fresher, longer!),

4) Your choice of new equipment from our Best in Class playback series complete with a 3-year warranty. For standard on-hold applications we generally recommend the #1 rated USB-2020 (or ELE-2015 as our 2nd choice). If you DO NOT have a phone system then check out the OHP-6500 or 7500 digital announcers. (The 5500 is manufacturer discontinued.) These two units represent the best equipment available for 2 & 4-line phones not associated with an actual phone "system" (i.e. NO "MOH" port).

5) A completely customized production with your unique message optimized for placement, presentation and effect. We'll teach you how to utilize this valuable time to help increase sales and service revenues while providing a higher level of service to your calling public. (i.e. QA & ISO improvements.)

6) The license to allow you to play it to your public on-hold audience without the need for annual licensing fees for intellectual properties. This factor alone could save your company many hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars every year.

Our music/message on-hold packages will be modified to meet your specific requirements and budget. If you'd like to get started right away please take a moment to complete our two-minute survey at: I.O.S. Survey. We appreciate your visiting with us and look forward to answering all of your questions. You may view our other audio production services via the Products and Services page.

Wishing you peace, health and continued success throughout the new year!

Patrick M. Alaggio

Interactive On-Hold Services
"Making every minute count."


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